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Sean Robbins is not only providing real estate services in Newport, California. What many people don’t know is that he actually started in the real estate industry in Portland, Oregon.

Portland is a great market to invest in real estate, as you have read in this article. That’s why Sean Robbins also decided to invest his time (and money) in the Portland housing market.

Let us first start of what kind of businesses Sean Robbins has here.

Businesses in Portland


Sean Robbins founded his company called Property Max close from Portland, Oregon. It is actually based in Beaverton, OR but it’s relatively close to Portland.

Property MAX is a locally owned Portland company operated by real estate professionals such as Sean Robbins. The number 1 goal at this company is dedication to customer satisfaction. Since the customer is the number one priority, they want the cater to their needs in every way we can.

That way you know you get a fair price for your home and the transaction goes very smoothly. They also know that every home is unique and different. And so is every property owner. That way it’s important a real estate agent customizes to your situation and needs.

At Property Max, you can rest assured that your property will sell fast and that you receive a fair price. Sean Robbins has over 10 years experience in the Portland real estate market in buying and selling homes. His team also has the expertise to ensure a seamless transaction so that all parties are happy.

Why Did Sean Robbins Decide To Target This Market?

The Portland real estate market is very mature and prices seem to keep on rising. The city is also amazing and that’s why this real estate market is still hot.

In December 2021, about 2,582 residential homes in Portland metro area changed hands (according to the latest report by the Portland Metropolitan Association of Realtors). The median sale price increased by 16.13% from last year (to over $500,000).

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