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A website where you can learn everything about the real estate industry and the city of Newport Beach, CA. Created by Sean Robbins.

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Definitely take a look at our real estate blog, where we discuss the lastest info on the real estate industry in 2021 and beyond. You will definitely find some information there that you didn’t know.

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At seanrobbinsnewportbeach.com our mission is to educate about real estate. Soon you’ll be able to invest in real estate and become an entrepreneur. Since we are based in Newport Beach, California we occassionaly talk about location specific news too. But the ideas that we talk about will work in any city in the United States.

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We share the latest news on the real estate market. You won’t find any old content here. Updated content for 2022 and beyond.

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Sean Robbins knows what he is talking about. I didn't know anything about real estate before he helped me personally. I will keep a close eye on this blog to make sure I don't miss any valuable information
Martin Foster
Sean Robbins is a personal friend of mine and I know he's a great real estate agent that provides services in both Newport Beach and Portland.
Bryan Cirius
Sean is a trustworthy person and he's always available to answer your questions. I've been reading his blog for a while now.
Jane Dowser
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